Design Shutters Features & Benefits

Feature:   All shutters from Design Shutters are custom made to your exact specifications.
Benefit:   Custom-made shutters assure correct spacing of all panels within a frame, giving you a professional appearance.

Feature:   Four louver sizes are available: 1 7⁄8”, 2 1⁄2”, 3 1⁄2" and 4 1⁄2”.
Benefit:   Design Shutters fits into any decorating style, on any size window.

Feature:   Design Shutters are available in 26 standard colors. We will custom stain and paint to match any other color required for an additional charge.
Benefit:   You can use our shutters for virtually any color scheme.

Feature:   Kiln-dried basswood is used on all shutters.
Benefit:   Basswood, a North American hardwood, resists warping and shrinking, and reduces the chance of sagging in large panels. Its uniform grain pattern provides a smooth, even stained appearance.

Feature:   Over a period of time, the operating tension of the louvers has a tendency to loosen. The tension screw in the stile allows you to either tighten or loosen the louvers to customize the tension, for the life of the shutter.
Benefit:   Design Shutters fits into any decorating style, on any size window.

Feature:   Nylon hinge pins are used to turn the louvers.
Benefit:   Nylon pins eliminate the problem of shrinking, swelling, and wear with movement associated with using wood dowels on the louvers. This allows you to consistently move the louvers easily. They nylon pins also have a spacer, providing uniform clearance between louver and stile, and prevents wear with operation

Feature:   All adjoining panels are rabbeted.
Benefit:   Rabbeting allows panels to overlap each other when closed to prevent light gaps. This gives you a complete finished look.

Feature:   Wood dowels are used to join the stiles to the rails.
Benefit:   Doweling adds strength and durability to the panel, preventing sagging and separation.

Feature:   Hinges are mortised.
Benefit:   Mortising provides complete closure of the panel and prevents light gaps. (Mortising is not done on café doors and French doors.)

Feature:   All shutters carry a limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and construction.
Benefit:   Your customer can feel confident using Design Shutters.

Feature:   Arched windows can be accommodated with either a horizontal arch or a sunburst arch that are functional as well as stylish. Moveable louvers are standard on a sunburst half-circle arch (when the height is approximately one-half the width) and elongated arches (when the height is greater than one-half the width). Eyebrow arches (when the height is less than one-half the width) may have limited louver movement. Horizontal arches have moveable louvers in the majority of the panel, the top few louvers may be fixed.
Benefit:   You have design flexibility in treating an arch window, or creating an arched look from a rectangular window.

Feature:   All shutter orders are measured and installed by experienced craftsmen employed and trained by Design Shutters.
Benefit:   Using trained installers employed by Design Shutters assures a professional installation.